Are thermocol ceilings a good option for homes?

Thermocol ceilings, which are constructed utilizing thermocol sheets made of polystyrene, have gotten very mainstream. Before we enlighten you concerning its advantages, let us see how thermocol is utilized.

What is a thermocol roof?

Styrene is a result of petrol and is an unsaturated fluid hydrocarbon. At the point when it is polymerised, it is called polystyrene. It is then melded with carbon dioxide to shape styrofoam and when the last hardens, it structures thermocol. Perhaps the main motivation why individuals use thermocol bogus ceilings is, on the grounds that the voids in the thermocol which have caught air, brings about low warm conductivity. In this way, your home remaining parts cooler.


Advantages of utilizing thermocol roof

Cost of thermocol bogus ceilings

At the point when home owners consider doing up their homes, they by and large have a financial plan as a primary concern. Thermocol bogus ceilings are relatively modest, going from Rs 35 to Rs 90 for each sq ft. Contingent upon the quality you pick, you can fit it in your financial plan.

Lift the appearance of your home with thermocol ceilings

Thermocol ceilings are not only useful for warm protection, they are likewise acceptable to take a gander at and can shroud all the unattractive wiring up there.

Simple to fix

Thermocol ceilings can be introduced effectively, in your home as well as in workplaces, shops, caf├ęs and theaters, too.

Your room is cooler with a thermocol roof

While the quality and thickness of the material matters a ton, thermocol can keep your room a lot cooler.

Disadvantages of utilizing thermocol roof


Thermocol ceilings are non-biodegradable. At the point when consumed, it produces noxious exhaust, which are destructive for individuals and the climate.


Bogus ceilings are incredible to take a gander at and fill some needs. Notwithstanding, a weakness of thermocol ceilings, similar to some other sort, is that it can conceal breaks, sogginess or spillage/leakage and issues that you may miss seeing, in light of the fact that these are covered up because of the bogus roof. Opportune upkeep, accordingly, turns into an issue.

To summarize it, such do add a specific beauty and tastefulness to your front room. Notwithstanding, ensure you go with the correct quality. Your project worker and interior designer will actually want to direct you with the best pick.

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